Open Space

The Open Space

We provide critical business communication skills training and facilitation.

The Open Space refers to the working style of our sessions, the layout of the room and the possibilities in each room on any given day.

Open Up

The focus is to open up the potential, the knowledge and awareness of the individuals, whilst challenging them to re-think, reflect, and refresh practices of work, or patterns of behaviour that have become unconscious in the day-to-day.

We aim to "OPEN UP" the space between the ears and transfer the best ideas and approaches back to the business.

What's Possible?

Either in training or facilitation, there is nothing prescriptive here. We often adapt what is known as a "Blue Sky" approach, by asking "What's possible?", "What's achievable?"

With a range of practical tools and techniques, we look to create sustainable strategy and development in an organisation through its people and through having fun.

The Open Space invites you in...